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The New More Hopeful Face of Alzheimer’s Disease

Article Medically Reviewed by Dr.Chen, Our Chief Medical Officer   “The New More Hopeful Face of Alzheimer’s Disease” was the title of a recent Wall Street Journal article. The WSJ journal article continued, “Advances in early detection and management of the...

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Dementia Risk is Modifiable and In Your Control

Article Medically Reviewed by Dr.Chen, Our Chief Medical Officer   With over 55 million people globally suffering from dementia and nearly 7 million Americans over 65 living with Alzheimer's, the necessity for early detection is critical. These conditions are...

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A 5-minute Low-dose CT Scan Can Detect Lung Cancer Early

  A recent Wall Street Journal article by Brianna Abbott highlights the importance of a specific test that could drastically reduce fatalities from the nation’s leading cause of cancer deaths: lung cancer. Despite being a deadly disease, early detection through...

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Mindful Eating and Health

Mindful eating is about maintaining an in-the-moment awareness of the food and drink you are consuming in the present.
Mindful eating is a key skill that will not only help you reach your weight loss goals, but it will help you maintain a healthy weight long term.

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Heart Disease and American Men

Half of all men who die suddenly of coronary heart disease have no previous symptoms. This article will focus on the top concerns for American men and how these diseases can be identified and prevented prior to the occurrence of symptoms. Heart disease is the #1 cause...

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DNA, Genetic Variants, and Cancer Risk

The human genome is the complete set of the genetic materials needed to create and maintain an individual. This genetic material is DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid. It is packaged into 23 pairs of distinct structures called “chromosomes”. Half of your chromosomes can be...

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My favorite health facility…

That’s the power of this kind of preventative medicine. We don’t have to wait until something goes completely wrong and it’s too late – we can take action to catch and fix problems early. It’s a proactive approach, rather than a reactive approach… That’s a big shift from how health care operates these days.

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What is MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)?

MRI uses powerful magnets, radio waves, and computer technology to generate detailed images of your organs without the use of ionizing radiation. MRI protocols at Human Longevity are uniquely beneficial because they employ proprietary software that produces contrast...

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Health is the New Wealth: A Patient’s Perspective

Q&A with Joe Nevin, a multi-year 100+ patient who shares his very personal experience, and perspective, on the value of membership. What originally brought you to Human Longevity? My story with Human Longevity begins 60 years ago with my then high school...

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What is Cancer?

Cancer refers to malignant tumors or cells that exhibit abnormal growth and have the potential to invade or spread to other regions in the body. This is in contrast to benign tumors which may show abnormal growth, but do not spread. How common is cancer? Over 30% of...

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Preventing Cancer Through Lifestyle

In 1924, Otto Warburg described a phenomenon in which cancer cells developed a different method of generating energy. He proposed that cancer cells rely primarily on the fermentation of sugar rather than using oxygen and aerobic respiration to produce energy. This...

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