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About Us

Built by the pioneers of the human genome sequencing effort, Human Longevity is the global leader in advancing the Human Longevity Care movement, on a mission to discover and harness the technological and biological unlocks that amplify span of life, health, & high-performance.


Join the world’s leading premier Human Longevity Care membership program, created by the foremost experts in human longevity to proactively lead members to a longer healthier life. Picking up where even the most modern healthcare reach stops, 100+ Members receive the highest global standard in advanced Human Longevity Care built on cutting-edge genomic insights, AI-driven whole body imaging, risk detection and prevention, and state-of-the-art brain & body strengthening.


100+ Total Self Health Assessment


Personal Longevity Concierge Physician


Anytime Exclusive Global Access


Members receive 360-degree in-depth precision mapping of their complete self health, including whole genome sequencing, blood-based biomarkers, whole body imaging, bone & muscle strength analysis, nutrition & lifestyle habits, and more. From day-to-day primary care health assessment to the world’s most advanced longevity care mapping, 100+ members receive complete insight into their whole self health.


Members receive a dedicated top-tier physician as their personal longevity leader to help them establish and navigate their personalized longevity roadmap built on their unique genome, biology, lifestyle, and longevity vision. Our Longevity physicians harness state-of-the-art longevity care technologies and a multi-disciplinary team of experts worldwide to provide access to year-round concierge care service custom tailored to each step of member’s personal longevity plans


Members receive unmatched anytime exclusive global access to the world’s most advanced longevity care science, technologies, services, and experts, all year, every year. Wherever you are in the world, whatever your concerns, top-tier premium precision longevity care and world-class longevity physician leaders are there with you. 100+ helps members amplify, and exceed, their expectations for span of high-quality life, health, & high-performance.



There is no place on earth like it and it is a lens on the future, not only for our health but for the health of the industry.””

Jeffrey Brown

Founder of Brownstone Research

Who is proactively managing your health? And might proactively managing your personal health be more important than managing your finances? I’ve made my choice.””

Joe Nevin

Multi-year 100+ client

100+ is my ideal partner in my endeavor to preserve health for as long as possible.” ”

Nick Engerer

Co-Founder of Solcast