Human Longevity, Inc. (HLI) was founded by leaders in genomics with the ultimate goal of giving everyone access to the power of data-driven health intelligence. HLI combines state-of-the-art DNA sequencing and expert analysis with machine learning, to help change medicine to a more data-driven science. With a multidisciplinary team of research scientists, computing experts and physicians, we are empowering every part of the healthcare system to work more efficiently.

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HLI is your health intelligence partner using advanced genomics-based information to empower individuals to shape their own health and shift the practice of medicine from reactive to proactive, personalized, and preventative. HLI continues to expand its database – the largest of its kind – combining genomic and phenotypic information to accelerate the understanding of human health.


By combining the largest collection of genomic and phenotypic data, HLI is able to use machine learning and expert analysis to transform the data into meaningful and useful insights. This turns the information into new discoveries that can inform health decisions leading to new treatment options, personal health plans, and the potential for longer, healthier human lifespans.

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