What to Expect

What to Expect & How to Prepare for Your 100+ Assessment Day

Prior to Your Visit:

  • Fast for 10 hours before your appointment time
  • Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages on the morning of your testing. We recommend staying hydrated during your fast with plain water without added vitamins, flavoring, or carbonation
  • Stop non-prescribed supplements 72 hours prior to visit
  • Take all medications regularly as prescribed
  • Compile a list of all your prescriptions and supplements to bring to your visit
  • Avoid strenuous exercise the morning of your appointment
  • Let us know if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions
  • Remove all metal jewelry and do not wear clothing with metal as it can interfere with testing

If you are claustrophobic, we have oral sedation onsite.*

The MRI is a multisensory experience and takes approximately 60 – 90 minutes. You will experience noises of varying pitch and duration during the course of the exam, along with normal movement of the table. Earbuds will be provided along with your choice of music, as well as a series of soothing visuals from which to choose. You may also experience a mild warming sensation and peripheral nerve stimulation, both of which are normal biological responses to MRI. You will be in constant contact with
a technologist throughout the entire exam.

*We do not advise driving after taking a sedative for at least six hours. Depending on your needs, we can assist in arranging transportation for you.

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When You Arrive:

You’ll be greeted by your concierge who will escort you to your private suite where you can “settle-in” for the day. We are dedicated to making your experience as pleasant, informative and comfortable as possible. If there is anything you need, please do not hesitate to ask us.


We will provide you with loungewear designed to be compatible for the various tests you will experience. A robe will also be provided for additional comfort or warmth. Note: We ask that you refrain from wearing anything containing metal as it will interfere with testing.


Breakfast will be served to you in your suite after your blood samples are collected, and lunch later in the day. Please advise us in advance if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions.

General Schedule:

  • Covid assessment (temperature check)
  • Orientation
  • Vital signs and blood collection with the phlebotomy team
  • Healthy breakfast served in your suite
  • Past medical history review and discussion of your health goals
  • Brain, body and cardiac MRI (60-90 minutes)
  • Cardiac ultrasound and EKG with cardiac sonographer
  • CT calcium score (if clinically indicated)
  • DEXA bone mineral density testing
  • Healthy lunch served in your suite

After Your Visit:

    Initial follow-up

    With your Human Longevity physician, two weeks after testing to review imaging, initial blood test results and to discuss the first phase of care plan

    Comprehensive follow-up

    With your 100+ longevity physician, in six to seven weeks, to discuss the integration of all of your data including genetic, blood and imaging biomarkers in order to create a comprehensive action plan for your longevity and performance goals

    Throughout the year

    You will check in regularly with your physician to address all of your healthcare needs, including short and long term health and wellness goals, as well as acute care issues