The Human Longevity Difference

The Human Longevity Difference

Human Longevity is the global leader in advancing the Human Longevity Care movement, on a mission to discover and harness the technological and biological unlocks that amplify span of life, health, & high-performance.

We have built an unparalleled ecosystem that has helped over 10,000 clients around the globe to achieve their healthiest and longest life. There are no other places like this in the world. Our uniqueness is based on – 

  • Deep roots in research and science
  • Integrated technology platform
  • Experience and proven knowledge



Deep Roots in Research and Science


  • HLI Ranked In Top 50 Biomedical Companies Globally in Nature Index
  • 60 publication in peer reviewed journals including PNAS, AJHG, Nature Genetics, J. Clinical Oncology, Cell Metabolism, Science, Genes, etc.

Integrated Technology Platform

Supported by machine learning and the latest AI technologies, HLI has developed a technology platform that truly drives precision medicine. 

  • Personalized data-driven analytics that enable risk reduction
  • AI-driven personalized risk detection and recommendations
  • Health insights derived from data:  Longevity Model Matrix

Experience and Proven Knowledge from 10,000+ clients

  • Based PNAS paper published in 2020, HLI’s early detection is changing clients’ lives by providing actionable diagnostics and recommendations.
  • Of over 10,000 clients who have gone through HLI’s platform, 14.4% had new clinically significant findings. 40% had long-term value findings. Learn more about Our Science>
  • For individuals with life-altering findings, the projected additional life extension year is 8.51 years on average.

Proactive, Progressive Health Care

Prevention is the cornerstone of optimal health. By analyzing over 150 gigabytes of your body's unique data, we identify your risks and leverage your personal strength. We don't just want to see your health improve, we want to partner with you to see it flourish.