Our DNA determines so much about each of us, but other factors can also influence our health. HLI is focused on compiling and analyzing more genotypic and phenotypic data because the combination of both enables us —to generate unprecedented insights and accelerate our understanding into what makes us who we are and what we can change for a life better lived.

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The genotype, or our genetic makeup, provides the code to our life. At HLI, we don’t just seek to understand the expressed genes within that code; we sequence every letter in the entire genome to understand the regulatory control regions, gene modifiers and more. This helps us to get to the underlying causes behind conditions like cancer and heart disease.

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The phenotype is all observable characteristics of a person. It is every physical trait that makes you you. Without an understanding of these traits we would only see half the story. That’s why HLI takes a comprehensive approach to data collection and correlation—to provide as much actionable health intelligence as possible.

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Life is complex. It takes seamless integration of sequencing technology and expert analysis to examine every inch of it with a high degree of accuracy. Large pharmaceutical companies are partnering with HLI for exactly that reason—high quality, complete coverage of the entire genome.
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Life is abundant. There’s no end to the information in all of us, and HLI is collecting and analyzing as much as possible. With tens of thousands of genomes and the related phenotypic data in the HLI database, we are able to make more correlations and glean more about health and disease.
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Life is rich. Our bodies contain meaningful data, and machine learning is enabling HLI to churn through that information at an unprecedented rate. The discoveries we are making in our database are empowering early detection, tailored treatments and, ultimately, better health outcomes at lower cost.
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HLI is committed to accelerating the pace of change in healthcare. By continually adding to and analyzing human health data, we are transforming treatment from a reactive practice, to one that is proactive, preventative, and personalized.