The following article was written by our client, Jeff Brown, and distributed in his newsletter – The Bleeding Edge. Upon his permission, we took his original write-up and wanted to share it with everyone whose lives have been impacted by the service of Human Longevity.

Let’s begin with a question on Health Nucleus …

My son may well have colon cancer. He is 45 with a wife and 5 great children. You went to a place in CA some time back and wrote about your experience. The health facility found your cancer.

I want to send my son there if or when the dr. says he is clear of the cancer. I want him to get checked very closely! I try to keep all of your updates, but that one I have not been able to find. I need the name of the health facility you went to and wrote about.

– Bill C.

Hi, Bill, and thank you for writing in. I’m so glad that you wrote in to ask. We’re always inundated with information, and it’s easy to forget even important bits of information.

My mother died far too young from colon cancer, and what I can say is that you really need to stay on top of it. Even though I’m still pretty young, I’ve been having a colonoscopy once every five years for the last two decades to ensure I can catch something early. I wish your son the best as he goes through this experience.

I’ve previously written several times about my visits to the Health Nucleus (which has now rebranded as Human Longevity – the name of the parent company). That’s the company in La Jolla, California, that hosts the world’s leading center for preventative medicine.

Initially, my interest was academic. But when I sat down with the doctors following a series of tests – bloodwork, a full-body MRI, a CT scan, an echocardiogram and electrocardiogram (EKG), and a bone densitometry scan – I learned something far different.

I had prostate cancer. The good news was that it was early… and at my follow-up appointment in 2021, I learned that my treatment plan was working.

Even better, in my most recent checkup this year, I saw continued progress. It’s small progress, but it’s in the right direction. 

And with the support of the team at Human Longevity, I’ve been able to make this progress without surgery. I made some major changes in my nutrition, my fitness, therapy, and supplements, which have resulted in the reduction of the size of the cancerous tissue.

That’s the power of this kind of preventative medicine. We don’t have to wait until something goes completely wrong and it’s too late – we can take action to catch and fix problems early. It’s a proactive approach, rather than a reactive approach… That’s a big shift from how health care operates these days.

The program that I’m enrolled in is called the 100+ program. You can reach out on their website and register your interest. Feel free to tell them that Jeff Brown sent you, you’ll be treated very well.

It’s important to know that I’m a customer just like anyone else. I don’t receive any special treatment or discounts and have no formal business relationship with Human Longevity. So there’s no conflict of interest at all. 

I just really believe in what Human Longevity is doing, and I have heard from so many Brownstone subscribers who have now benefited from Human Longevity, and in some cases, their visits literally saved their lives. That’s all the reward that I need, to hear stories like that.

Best wishes for the health of you and your family. What you’ll learn will be humbling, and it takes major sacrifices and effort to improve our health; but the information is empowering – and if employed correctly, it gives us a new lease on life.

Thanks to the team at Human Longevity, I haven’t felt this good and energetic for at least 20 years.

About Jeff Brown and Brownstone Research

Neither I nor Brownstone Research has any relationship at all with Human Longevity. We receive no compensation of any kind for writing about my experience there. I paid full price to go through the program. My only interest was to research what I felt to be the most advanced preventative medicine and human longevity clinic on the planet.


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