Webinar On-Demand: Genetics, Personalized Medicine, and How They Change Our Lives


Join our genetic experts and learn how genetics have made personalized medicine possible.

About the Webinar

Since our co-founder Dr. Craig Venter and his team sequenced the human genome at the beginning of the 21st century, genetics has paved the way for personalized medicine. New technologies have redefined what it means to be healthy and are helping us to explore disease and aging on a molecular level.

Human Longevity Inc. (HLI) is at the forefront of this sea change in medicine, incorporating best-in-class preventative imaging, high quality whole genome sequencing, and the clinical expertise to interpret and apply the knowledge to our clients’ lives. Our goal is to prevent and preempt disease and inform our clients so they can stay ahead of diseaseyou might say that it is ‘in our DNA”.

Specific topics we’ll cover include:

  • The recent history of genomics, how we got here, and where we are going
  • The impact of genomic tools and new genetic knowledge on understanding health and disease, and how this is something that changes daily, as new information becomes available
  • Precision medicine and the future of health care

Please join us to learn more about the future of medicine, what Human Longevity does and how we can help you and your family live long and healthy lives by preventing disease and resisting aging.

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Dr. Constantine Stratakis

Chief of Clinical Genetics, Human Longevity Inc.

Dr. Constantine A. Stratakis is internationally recognized for his research, mentorship, and leadership in Genetics. He has identified genes for height, hypertension and cancer. He is the author of more than 800 publications and has served in major Editorial roles of leading journals. Dr. Stratakis has received many awards including the 1999 Award for Excellence in Published Clinical Research and the 2009 Ernst Oppenheimer Award, both from the Endocrine Society, and the 2019 Dale Medal from the Society for Endocrinology, and a number of other honors. Dr. Stratakis was selected in 2020 to serve as CSO of ELPEN and the Director of their new Research Institute on Precision Medicine, along with his appointment in 2021 at Foundation of Research & Technology – Hellas, as Head of their laboratory on Human Genetics and Precision Medicine and Head of Genetics at Henry Dunant Hospital in Greece. Dr. Stratakis serves as Chief of Clinical Genetics for Human Longevity, as of May 2022.

Xiaoli Du, Ph.D., DABMGG

Director of Medical Genetics, Human Longevity Inc.

Dr. Du is an ABMGG board certified clinical laboratory geneticist for both clinical molecular genetics and clinical cytogenetics. Her passion is to use the cutting-edge technology in genetics to make an impact on precision medicine. Dr. Du has 8 years of genetic diagnosis experience working in both the public and private sectors.

Dr. Du has three years of clinical genetics fellowship training at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center with a specialization in Laboratory Genetics and Genomics. In addition, Dr. Du has five years research experiences in cellular oncology at National Cancer Institute of National Institutes of Health (NCI/NIH). Dr. Du received her PhD degree in cancer cell biology from Peking Union Medical College.


Dr. Pamila Brar MD

Longevity Physician, Human Longevity Inc.

Dr. Brar is an Internal Medicine physician who has always had a deep love of science and for translating complex ideas into accessible information. She is a graduate of Louisiana State University School of Medicine at New Orleans and the Scripps Clinic Internal Medicine Residency, where she was selected Chief Medical Resident in 1998.

After beginning her career at Scripps Clinic Torrey Pines General Medicine (1999 to 2006), she was selected to join the Private Internal Medicine Center at Scripps Green Hospital where she practiced concierge medicine. Dr. Brar left Scripps Clinic in 2008 to establish her own solo concierge medicine practice in La Jolla. During her five years in private practice, she obtained a certificate from the Stanford School of Entrepreneurship as well as certification by the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine. Pamila became active in the American Academy of Private Physicians, first as a board member, then serving as President from 2015 to 2017. This organization promotes the doctor-patient relationship and the business models that enable it.

After 16 years in practice, she made the shift from general Internal Medicine to Precision Medicine when she joined the team at Human Longevity, Inc in 2015 as the founding medical director of Health Nucleus. She has also served as Chief Medical Officer of the J. Craig Venter Institute in La Jolla.

Pamila currently enjoys using her skills to support both the clinical and commercial growth of HLI.

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